• Create a culture of warmth and belonging where all team members and potential members are integrated and valued.

  • Foster open and supportive communication among the team, both on and off the field.

  • Support each-other in personal and team goals.


  • Foster an inclusive team environment where everyone feels welcomed and accepted regardless of athletic ability, experience, tenure on the team, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, trans- or cis-gender status, religion, class, disability, etc.

  • Recruit members from underrepresented communities through outreach and by creating an inclusive environment.


  • Be motivated enthusiastic to achieve our common goals, such as growth in our abilities on the field, in our relationships with each other, and in our service.

  • Become better players by motivating each other to attend practices, games and other fitness training.

  • Support the administrative development of the team by volunteering or taking administrative roles.


  • Give back to the larger community: the LGBTQ+ community, the greater city of New Orleans, the local rugby community, and the international gay rugby (IGR) community.

  • Work closely with our sponsors to help them realize their goals.